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    Since 1990 we have been proving that packaging can be recycled. As the world's first dual system, we have paved the way to a circular economy and thus contribute significantly to environmental protection.

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Duales System Holding - 26. November 2015

25 years of Der Grüne Punkt – Recycling is the future

Anniversary event in Berlin spotlights achievements and prospects / Dr. Wendenburg praises the Green Dot and producer...

Duales System Holding - 02. October 2015

ACR+ / DSD Conference: “Towards a green Circular Economy”

On 29 September 2015, the Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) and Duales...

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Plastics Recycling with Grüner Punkt

„All these materials can be recovered, and that’s half the battle when it comes to recycling …” – our video shows how to establish a closed cycle economy by plastics recycling.

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Tomorrow’s Raw Material

Systalen products are much in demand in the plastics processing industry as high-quality raw materials – as a sustainable alternative to virgin material.

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Responsibility for People and the Environment

A sustainable business model to close material cycles needs a sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social requirements.

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