Staying up to date as an auditor

Der Grüne Punkt is once again starting its auditor seminars on packaging law. An essential event for auditors and tax consultants with corresponding clients.

News Bild Georg Schmidt conducts Der Grüne Punkt's auditor seminars (Image: Der Grüne Punkt).

Legislators are placing ever-increasing demands on the performance and expertise of auditors and tax advisors in particular, who carry out packaging law audits. Just one example: This year, the publication of the new audit guideline of the Central Packaging Register Foundation (ZSVR) for declarations of completeness (VE Audit Guideline) is eagerly awaited. The depth and scope of audits will certainly continue to increase.


Our seminars organized exclusively for auditors are therefore a fixed date for auditors and tax consultants. Our expert Georg Schmidt explains the legal principles and definitions of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) together with the VE Audit Guideline and the Disposable Plastics Fund Act (EWKFondsG). Based on many years of experience with this complex subject matter, he supports the development of a practical understanding of the interrelationships.


Key questions on the correct application of the catalogue of packaging subject to system participation, the differentiation between packaging types such as sales or transport packaging and the associated legal obligations are explained, as is the difference between the end consumer and the private final consumer. The latter in particular is fundamental when checking the correct differentiation between packaging subject to system participation and packaging not subject to system participation and its proper registration in the LUCID and consideration in the VE.


Both the density of regulation and enforcement in the area of packaging legislation and therefore also the VE audit are increasing noticeably. Georg Schmidt helps you to stay up to date as an auditor and adviser to your clients!


The seminars take place in German language in large cities throughout Germany. Information can be found under Events