And the winner is: VerpackGo by DerGrünePunkt!

Online licence calculator honoured with the Top Rated Company 2023 Award

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With its combination of seal of approval, buyer protection and authentic feedback, Trusted Shops strives for security in the digital world. We also want this for our shop users, which is why everyone who visits from Grüner Punkt (Green Dot) encounters the very Trusted Shops seal of approval, Europe's best-known symbol for security and service in the online sales world.

For the first time, Trusted Shops has now awarded the Top Rated Company 2023 Award this year and Green Dot is one of the winners in the Consulting category with its licence calculator.


Trusted Shops commented: "You have received 936 ratings from your customers in the period under review and achieved an overall rating of 4.64. This makes you one of the ten companies in 34 categories that have received the best customer ratings in your Consulting category in the last 365 days. The award is therefore not only a recognition on our part, but above all an award for you from your customers."

This success is based on a majority of very positive customer experiences, especially in terms of accessibility, support and uncomplicated handling of the participation of sales packaging in the dual system Grüner Punkt (Green Dot).


This makes us proud and is a special incentive to be there for our customers at this top level in the long term. The Trusted Shops seal of approval is a visible reflection of this.

We say THANK YOU for the great review in early May 2023.