International training for CHIRA

CHIRA, the tool for analyzing the recyclability of packaging, is attracting more and more international attention: Der Grüne Punkt experts trained employees from ten partner countries in the use of the software.

News Bild Der Grüne Punkt experts trained employees from ten partner countries in the use of the CHIRA software.

In a total of two training sessions, Der Grüne Punkt experts were able to give 18 employees from PRO Europe's partner systems an initial insight into the CHIRA tool. The software, developed with the support of Der Grüne Punkt, allows the analysis and classification of the recyclability of packaging based on its composition, but also taking into account the recycling infrastructure available in the respective market.


Colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey were very receptive to the analysis tool, and there were lively discussions about the current and planned legislation (PPWR), about the do's and don'ts in design for recycling and the existing collection and recovery structure in the respective country, which is mapped in the CHIRA tool for the countries of the European Economic Area (EU plus Norway and Switzerland).


The countries in which no comparable tool is yet on the market or which have not yet been created in CHIRA as a country (e.g. Turkey as a non-EU country) are dealing particularly intensively with the possibilities made available by CHIRA, because the topics of recycling-friendly design and circular economy are also becoming increasingly important there.


For those systems that were unable to attend either of the two training dates, Green Dot is planning another event.