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Systalen – Recyclates with tested and certified CO2 Savings

The times in which recycled plastic or secondary raw materials could be used for manufacturing only a few products are long gone now. The Systalen recyclate has made a vital contribution here, since this secondary raw material is versatile in use, and in comparison to primary raw materials already reduces the environmental impact involved during the production process, thanks to a closed loop for plastics, the significantly lower energy consumption and far lower CO2 emission values and pollutant emissions. Recycled plastic produced on the basis of Systalen is significantly eco-friendlier than plastics made from primary raw materials like oil. Depending on the type of plastic involved, CO2 emissions alone are reduced by half compared to the production of “new merchandise”. This means that not only does the Systalen recyclate cut the consumption of important resources, Der Grüne Punkt and the Systalen customers are also making a substantial proactive contribution towards climate protection and environmental conservation.

The Systalen PRIMUS recyclate in production operation

The Green Dot and the dual system - simply explained.

Raw material of the future - Production of the Ecoline series from Gies, made from Systalen premium recycled plastics

Plastics Recycling with the Green Dot

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Recycling of Nespresso Capsules


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Magazines Sustainability Report 2015/2016

Sustainability Report 2015/2016

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Magazines Sustainability Report 2013/2014

Sustainability Report 2013/2014

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punkt Edition 2015

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Environmental Performance Balance 8 pages

Environmental Performance Balance for package recycling with the Green Dot

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The new German Packaging Act 8 pages

The new German Packaging Act as of 1st January 2019

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Our Service Offer

Our Service Offer

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Ecological achievements and potential of the dual system

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Sorting assistance (multilanguage)

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Der Grüne Punkt and the dual system: simply explained

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Top-quality granulates with an eco-profile

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Magazines Systalen Regranulates for Packaging

Regranulates for Packaging

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Economic outlook for plastics recycling – the dual system’s role

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