Der Grüne Punkt Sustainability Report 2015/2016
Der Grüne Punkt - 11. October 2017

Sustainability as a business principle

Der Grüne Punkt unveils its Sustainability Report for 2015/2016 / The report conforms to international standards and has been independently validated

punkt online edition
Der Grüne Punkt - 11. October 2017

Cartons have seven lives

Beverage cartons – every day they end up in our Yellow Bins. From there, they are passed to large factories, where they are turned into paper again. The cover story of punkt’s latest issue shows how this is done.

German Packaging Prize for innovative flip-top closures made of recycled polypropylene.
Der Grüne Punkt - 28. September 2017

Recyclate Initiative awarded the German Packaging Prize for sustainable closures

Werner & Mertz has won the German Packaging Prize for the second time in succession – Innovative closures made 100 percent out of rPP obtained from the “Yellow Sack” came first in the “New Material” category

Der Grüne Punkt placed in the Top 3
Der Grüne Punkt - 19. September 2017

German Sustainability Award: Der Grüne Punkt placed in the Top 3

Cologne, 19 September 2017. Der Grüne Punkt ranks among the Top 3 for the 10th German Sustainability Award in the “Resource Efficiency” category. In its meeting on 11 September 2017, the jury for the German Sustainability Award...

Systalen PRIMUS PP
Der Grüne Punkt - 08. September 2017

Systalen PP at the Fakuma 2017

Der Grüne Punkt will at the Fakuma 2017 be showcasing new applications for Systalen PP / polypropylene as a material with a great future in front of it

Der Grüne Punkt - 07. September 2017

System operators open new chapter of transparency: Tracking down the lost 60 million euros

Dual systems disclose additional auditing figures / Further system operators terminate existing clearing agreements

German Packaging Award for flip-top caps made of Systalen.
Der Grüne Punkt - 22. August 2017

Sustainable Caps: German Packaging Award for Werner & Mertz

Recyclate Initiative has won the German Packaging Award for recyclate closures made 100 percent of rPP for FROSCH cleaning agent / Second accolade in succession

Der Grüne Punkt - 02. August 2017

Der Grüne Punkt, BellandVision and Interseroh are terminating their clearing agreements, and with new agreements are taking the initiative for assuring product responsibility

Some systems are repeatedly failing to meet their obligations / New clearing agreements ensure fair competition and an equitable transition to the German Packaging Act

Der Grüne Punkt - 13. July 2017

A key topic for all – the new German Packaging Act

The new German Packaging Act will come into effect on 1 January 2019 and forces all producers and distributors to take action.

Coffee capsules made of aluminum in the sorting plant (Photo: Kay Herschelmann)
Der Grüne Punkt - 12. July 2017

Nespresso capsules: good to very good recyclability

Recycling coffee capsules renders aluminum sustainably usable / Study confirms the good recyclability of coffee capsules