Der Grüne Punkt - 04. February 2019

Der Grüne Punkt offers advice themed around the new German Packaging Act

The new German Packaging Act has since coming into force on 1 January 2019 been preoccupying the attention of numerous dealers and entrepreneurs. To assist in performing the new duties involved, Der Grüne Punkt provides advice and support for the dealers concerned.

Ask the experts of Der Grüne Punkt

Cologne, 4 February 2019. The new German Packaging Act is designed to create more transparency on which packages have been registered with the dual systems, and to ensure that the putting into circulation and recycling of packages are monitored by the Central Packaging Registry. Now that more packages are participating in dual systems, dealers can be expected to benefit in the long term from lower charges for system participation. However, the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) is perceived by many dealers as not always clearly comprehensible. For whom is participation mandatory? What has to be reported to the Central Registry?

For these and other questions relating to the new German Packaging Act, Der Grüne Punkt can help. On its website, companies will find the most important information on the new German Packaging Act. The FAQs, too, provide illuminating responses. Anyone still uncertain what duties relate to his own company and how these are to be complied with can get in touch personally with the experts at Der Grüne Punkt. On the telephone hotline, online dealers, small businesses, retailers and wholesalers can obtain advice on how to perform their duties under the German Packaging Act. For example, the experts provide assistance in package licensing, or explain how data reporting to the Central Registry functions. The demand for information is huge – every day, the service experts at Der Grüne Punkt deal with up 1,000 calls, and answer an equivalent number of emails.

System participation at Der Grüne Punkt can be implemented online – simply, quickly and securely using the VerpackGO licence calculator. The data then need only be reported to the Central Registry. To ensure that dealers and entrepreneurs proceed correctly here, and that all data are reported in their entirety, it’s well worth while making use of knowledgeable advice from experts.

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