Der Grüne Punkt - 28. September 2018

German Packaging Prize 2018 for COMPO packaging made of recycled plastic

Innovative premium package in a hexagonal format receives an award in the sustainability category / HDPE bottle consists 90 percent of Systalen

In future, the bottles for the entire range of COMPO liquid fertilizers will be made 90 percent of PRIMUS HDPE recycled plastic from the Systalen brand.

Cologne/Münster, 28 September 2018. The newly developed liquid-fertilizer package of COMPO has been awarded a German Packaging Prize 2018 in the sustainability category. The bottle’s hexagonal body is made 90 percent from the recycled plastic PRIMUS HDPE (high-density polyethylene) of the Systalen brand, which is obtained from the Yellow Sack. “The closed loop – producing a new package from a used one – has thus been successfully accomplished without any compromises in terms of stability, leakproof integrity or visual appearance,” to quote the laudatory jury drawn from trade associations, companies, the retailing sector and the research community.

“Our products stand for healthy, natural growth of plants for house and garden – two areas of essential importance for human beings. This is why resource-economy and environmental protection are paramount concerns for us, and using product packages made of recycled material is a logical step,” to quote Michael Düsener, Purchasing Manager at COMPO GmbH. “We’re delighted with this special accolade, since it shows that we’re on the right track. At the same time, in the long term we are endeavoring to use other plastic qualities as secondary raw materials for producing packages. Thanks to potent partners at our side, like Der Grüne Punkt, we are confident of mastering this challenge.”

In future, the entire range of COMPO liquid fertilizers will be changed over to eco-friendly bottles. The odorless, uncontaminated, translucent regranulate is developed and produced by Der Grüne Punkt. The raw material required is plastic waste collected in the Yellow Sack and the Yellow Bin. “The prize is a wonderful accolade for the joint development work accomplished by the companies involved,” says a gratified Dr. Markus Helftewes, General Manager at Der Grüne Punkt. “Together with COMPO, we have succeeded in once again extending the range of applications for Systalen PRIMUS.”

Your contact person: Norbert Völl, Tel.: +49 (0) 22 03 / 937-507

About the Der Grüne Punkt Group:
The companies of Der Grüne Punkt are service providers for extended producer responsibility, leading suppliers of secondary raw materials for plastics, and premium producers of plastic recyclates, and as such positioned as the premier solution providers for the needs of the closed-cycle economy. Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) is the market leader of the dual systems in Germany, and stands for intelligent take-back systems, plus the development and marketing of innovative recyclates and services. Systec Plastics, at its facilities in Eisfeld and Hörstel, produces premium-quality recyclates under the Systalen brand name for the international market. The companies are grouped together in DSD – Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

Your contact person at COMPO GmbH: Vanessa Lange, Tel.: +49 (0) 251 / 3277 330, E-Mail: Vanessa.Lange(at)compo(dot)de

About COMPO:
COMPO GmbH ranks among the leading vendors of branded articles for house and garden plants, and is headquartered in Münster. Besides potting soil, its product range covers grass seeds, fertilizers and products for plant care and plant protection. More than 600 staff are employed at numerous facilities in Europe’s core markets.

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All systems go for the 2019 season: Purchasing Manager Michael Düsener (right) seen handing over the new eco-friendly liquid-fertilizer bottle to Sales Manager Roland Walther. (Pictures: COMPO)
The raw material for Systalen PRIMUS is used sales packages from the Yellow Sack and the Yellow Bin.
Systalen PRIMUS is also suitable for new sales packages. (Pictures: Der Grüne Punkt)