Der Grüne Punkt - 27. August 2019

German Packaging Prize for Systalen from Der Grüne Punkt

Accolade for use in Frosch Senses and thus for the first time in a cosmetics package

Winner of the 2019 German Packaging Prize
Shower gel bottles of Frosch Senses Flaschen made of Systalen PRIMUS HDPE

Cologne, 27 August 2019. Der Grüne Punkt has been awarded the 2019 German Packaging Prize in the New Material category for its recyclates from the Systalen PRIMUS product line. This was announced by the jury yesterday. The accolade relates to the use of Systalen PRIMUS HDPE in shower gel bottles of Frosch Senses, which have been available on the German market since May 2019. This means that for the first time there is for a cosmetic product a plastic package whose raw material has been obtained from plastic waste collected in the Yellow Sack and the Yellow Bin.

The innovation reflects a vital trend: this year’s competition has shown how important the issue of sustainability is, say Dr. Bettina Horenburg, a member of the Executive Committee with overall responsibility for the German Packaging Prize at the German Packaging Institute (dvi): “We are seeing many remarkable innovations that use recyclates, that foresightfully and purposefully assure the recyclability of packages, or reduce the overall outlay on packaging and material.”

“The use of Systalen in a cosmetics package represents a successful leap forward into another major packaging application,” says a gratified Dr. Markus Helftewes, General Manager Der Grüne Punkt. “The German Packaging Prize is a great accolade for this important development work.”

For changing over to 100-percent recyclate from the Yellow Sack, the material had to be odor-neutral, technically suitable for the specific application involved, and safe for human health. This project represents a successful combination of raw material, processing technology and application, plus the toxicological evaluation of the plastic, based on close collaboration between Der Grüne Punkt, the product manufacturer Werner & Mertz, and other partners like test institutes and expert appraisers.

“With our recyclate bottles for the cosmetics sector, we are making a substantial contribution towards meeting the German recycling quotas,” says Immo Sander, Head of Packaging Development at Werner & Mertz. “This is another major step forward in our recyclate initiative, with which since 2012, together with Der Grüne Punkt and other partners, we have been working to promote high-quality processing and re-use of plastic, which is thus retained in the closed cycle!”

In the case of shower gels, the odor factor, especially, plays a particularly significant role for consumers. For this purpose, the plastic concerned, sourced from the Yellow Sack, has to be practically free from soiling and contaminants. Volatile substances causing odors contained in the recyclate were removed during the recycling process.

“This marks another crucial step forward in using Systalen PRIMUS in even higher-quality applications,” says Dr. Helftewes. “Our goal is to ensure that plastic packages from the shelf are recycled for a return to the shelf, not least with food and beverage packages. It’s foreseeable that this will soon be possible.”

The German Packaging Prize for 2019 will be awarded on 24 September 2019 in Nuremberg under the aegis of the Fachpack trade fair.

Pictures: dvi; Werner & Mertz

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Winner of the 2019 German Packaging Prize
Shower gel bottles of Frosch Senses Flaschen made of Systalen PRIMUS HDPE