Der Grüne Punkt - 05. February 2018

Henkel optimizes its packaging

Brand manufacturer cooperates with Der Grüne Punkt and the cyclos/HTP Institute / The aim is to make further progress in the recyclability of its packaging portfolio

Cologne, Düsseldorf, 5 February 2018. The brand manufacturer Henkel is working purposefully on optimizing its packages. By 2025, all detergent and cleaning-agent packages worldwide are to be in recyclable design, so that after use and collection they will again be available for the economic cycle. In the shape of the cyclos/HTP Institute and Der Grüne Punkt, the company has brought two partners on board to provide the requisite assistance with their knowledge of the market and the sector concerned. As part of its Design4Recycling service, Der Grüne Punkt offers consultancy regarding recycling-friendly design of products and packages.

In two workshops, the consultants trained all the responsible executives with a packaging-related remit from Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care Division on sorting, recovery and recyclability of packages. More than 30 experts learned how packages collected from the dual system are first of all sorted and then processed. “For the staff concerned, these were very valuable insights into the causal connections between packaging design, choice of material, and their effects on recycling,” says Dr. Thorsten Leopold, Head of International Packaging Development for Home Care Products at Henkel.

Der Grüne Punkt and the cyclos/HTP Institute continually analyze selected packages from Henkel for their recyclability. The workshops also served to discuss results already obtained, and to explore possibilities for optimization. “The results are very encouraging – the majority of our packages are already recycling-friendly,” says a gratified Dr. Leopold. “Our aim is in the years ahead to optimize our packages for a closed-cycle economy, and thus render them even more sustainable. The specialized support we get from our two partners is of major importance in this context.”

The workshops are scheduled to continue in 2018, combined with excursions to state-of-the-art sorting and recycling facilities, for example. In addition, Henkel is planning to expand the use of recycled plastic for its packaging. For instance, bottles for the Perwoll brand are already being manufactured with a proportion of Systalen PRIMUS HDPE, a high-quality recyclate from Der Grüne Punkt.

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More than 30 experts learned how packages are first of all sorted and then processed.
“CycleSpaces” allowed participants to virtually visit sorting and recycling facilities. (All pictures: Henkel)