Der Grüne Punkt - 08. February 2018

Recycling-friendly design of plastic packaging

Der Grüne Punkt presents an online guide to Design4Recycling / Easy-read brochure on the recycling-friendly design of plastic packaging


Cologne, 8 February 2018. Packages are modern-day multitaskers. They protect the product and inform the consumer, but they are with us for only a short time before they become waste. Packages contain finite resources, and producing them consumes energy. If they are designed efficiently, the raw materials used can be retained in the cycle, and repeatedly re-used. A technical cycle, however, can be closed only if the products used inside it are also recyclable. This is quite correctly demanded by the German Packaging Act as well, which comes into force in 2019, and the Plastics strategy of the European Union, which was presented in January 2018.

When it comes to recycling-friendly design, help is now at hand with a new online brochure from Der Grüne Punkt, which on a few pages explains how “Design4Recycling” functions with plastic packaging. With the aid of material lists on various polymers, plus a checklist, it’s also possible to make an initial assessment of existing designs. “For a long time now, we’ve been advising our customers how they can design their packaging for optimum recycling-friendliness,” says Michael Wiener, CEO of Der Grüne Punkt. “On the way to a genuine closed-cycle economy, it’s essential to bear in mind at the design stage a product’s recyclability. With our ‘Design4Recycling’ service, we map out solutional approaches and together with our customers are on the right track for innovative excellence.”

The “Design4Recycling – Designing plastic packaging so it can be recycled” brochure provides an overview of the assessment standards applying nowadays to “Design4Recycling”. Because the situational conditions involved are continually changing, due to market developments and technical advances, the design guide will be updated at irregular intervals. There are also plans to extend it to cover other packaging materials like glass and paper.

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