Der Grüne Punkt - 11. April 2018

RAL Quality Mark – for post-consumer recyclates

Der Grüne Punkt and partners set up quality assurance association / plastic recyclates from close-to-home recyclables collections to become traceable

Systalen PRIMUS recyclates from raw materials collected in the Yellow Sack
Systalen PRIMUS recyclates from raw materials collected in the Yellow Sack

Cologne, 11 April 2018. More and more products, and increasingly packages made of plastic too, are being manufactured from recyclates, i.e. from raw materials that have already been used in a product or a package. This also makes good sense, since it saves valuable resources and energy, as well as reducing emissions of climatologically harmful CO2.

For this reason, the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), which will come into force in 2019, lays down that the systems concerned have to encourage the use of recyclates in packages. But there are recyclates and recyclates, explains Michael Wiener, CEO of Der Grüne Punkt: “Production residues, too, are often returned to the production operation. We interpret the term ‘recycling’ to mean something quite different, namely to recover valuable raw materials in high quality from waste produced by private consumers, and use them to manufacture new products. That is substantially more laborious and valuable, which is why the recyclate used in a product should also be traceable.”

Der Grüne Punkt has accordingly joined forces with partners to set up the RAL Quality Assurance Association Recyclates from Close-to-Home Recyclables Collections. The approval procedure for an RAL Quality Mark is regarded as particularly reliable and neutral. The Quality Assurance Association voluntarily accepts the quality and testing regulations recognized by the RAL Institute, and thus acquires the right to use the new RAL Quality Mark. It serves as evidence that the product or package concerned does in fact contain recyclates from the Yellow Sack or the Yellow Bin that can be verifiably and seamlessly traced.

“Membership is open both to companies that want to use recyclates in their products, and to individuals and organizations who wish to support the project,” says Dr. Ina-Maria Becker, Managing Chairperson of the Quality Assurance Association. The quality and testing regulations are currently being finalized. They will initially cover only plastic recyclates, but there are plans to expand the testing procedure to additional materials from recyclables collections, such as aluminum. “The RAL Quality Mark enables customers to precisely differentiate from what source the recyclates used actually originate,” says Michael Wiener. “The consumer who buys a product with this quality mark can be confident that he’s getting an eco-friendly, resource-economical product.”

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