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Trading in recyclables from the Dual System and related logistical services: You can find all kinds of information that you need as a buyer of raw materials, waste management firm, or logistics partner on these topics in the coming pages.

We make raw materials

Der Grüne Punkt is one of the biggest post-consumer recyclables traders in all of Europe. Since our establishment in 1990, we have found the right route to market for almost all materials. As a partner, we guarantee the perfect marketing solution for you, the experience of a pioneer, and answers to all of your questions related to material stream management, logistics, development, and quality management.

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The sale and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment is subject to stringent statutory stipulations. We provide you with competently transparent advice on how to perform your duties under the ElektroG for your products. Throughout the entire process, from WEEE registration up to initial treatment and recovery, we support you in meeting your obligations.

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Due compliance with deposit duties

Certain non-returnable beverage packages are in Germany subject to mandatory deposits. Implementation of the deposit system and taking back the non-returnable packages involved is primarily a task for the bottlers/canners and the dealers. Der Grüne Punkt offers bottlers and canners who put beverage packages into circulation for the first time, and the retailing sector as the take-back player, customized service solutions – from logistics and deposit clearing all the way through to recovery.

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Services for waste management companies

The Dual System is one of the biggest customers for the waste management sector. Throughout Germany, dual systems award waste management companies contracts to collect and reprocess post-consumer sales packaging. Contracts are handed out through calls for tenders, accounting, and reporting systems via online platforms.

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Supreme logistics performance for all recyclables

As a certified waste management company, Der Grüne Punkt is your partner to handle all of your logistic operations for bulk goods from the secondary commodities sector – from approved storage to national or international heavy goods transport and even international maritime transport.

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