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Der Grüne Punkt - 10. July 2020

Customer-friendly orientation guide with the "Find-out Tool“

New tool from Der Grüne Punkt makes packaging licensing easier

Der Grüne Punkt - 06. July 2020

Grüner Punkt nominated for the German Sustainability Award

13th German Sustainability Award for Enterprises/Transformation Field Resources

Der Grüne Punkt - 30. June 2020

More recycled glass for Europe

Der Grüne Punkt supports new “Close the Glass Loop” platform / Goal: increase quantities and quality in recycling packaging glass

High quality plastics recycling
Der Grüne Punkt - 22. June 2020

Is this the end of high-quality plastic recycling?

The Green Dot (“Der Grüne Punkt”), Werner & Mertz and the German Association for the Waste, Water and Raw Materials Industries demand financial incentives and commitment from government

New products can be created from recycled plastic – Environment Day
Der Grüne Punkt - 04. June 2020

Watchword for Environment Day: rescue recycled plastic!

Approx. ten percent more packaging waste / Plastics recycling is still a niche business and existentially threatened by the coronavirus crisis

Der Grüne Punkt - 02. June 2020

Sustainable headquarters for Der Grüne Punkt

New building will be certified to DGNB standard / Numerous products made from Systalen recycled plastic

German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU)
Der Grüne Punkt - 14. May 2020

SRU: circular economy has stalled

The German Advisory Council’s Environmental Report pinpoints serious shortfalls / Management of plastics is of crucial importance for climate protection

The collection of lightweight packaging via the yellow bin in Germany is an important component of a functioning recycling economy
Der Grüne Punkt - 28. April 2020

“We are ignoring business opportunities”

Der Grüne Punkt warns against postponing the targets for the circular economy and climate protection / To quote Michael Wiener: “The circular economy creates jobs”

The “Der Grüne Punkt” online label
Der Grüne Punkt - 24. April 2020

Benefit from Der Grüne Punkt’s new online label

Manufacturers and online retailers show their customers that they are willing to meet their obligations and assume responsibility

A circular economy for plastic
Der Grüne Punkt - 23. April 2020

A new beginning after the pandemic: a circular economy for plastics now!

Utilize opportunities for economic reconstruction / More independence for Europe in raw materials procurement

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