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Der Grüne Punkt - 28. October 2020

New label – Recyclable –

Recyclable packaging properly marked / Together with a prestigious partner, Der Grüne Punkt launches a reliable label for confirming recyclability

Der Grüne Punkt - 14. October 2020

Update for the RecyclingCOMPASS

Der Grüne Punkt presents an update of its user-friendly digital tool for classifying recyclability

30 years of Der Grüne Punkt
Der Grüne Punkt - 25. September 2020

30 years of Der Grüne Punkt

To quote Michael Wiener: “Not your average company – and a flagship worldwide for recycling in Germany”

Saving costs for licencing with MiToU and Der Grüne Punkt
Der Grüne Punkt - 24. September 2020

Saving costs for licencing with MiToU and Der Grüne Punkt

Package licencing in online trading – Der Grüne Punkt and MiToU, marketplace agency and official amazon service provider, have joined forces to launch a new portal that retailers can use to register their packaging for...

Der Grüne Punkt - 03. September 2020

CHIRA to raise the number of recyclable packages

The cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI) is developing a new software tool for EU-wide assessment of the recyclability of packaging / Der Grüne Punkt has supported this project

Der Grüne Punkt - 02. September 2020

Prevent tax concessions for production waste!

Der Grüne Punkt, Werner & Mertz, a producer of detergents and cleaning agents, and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) demand a uniform definition for plastic recyclates

Reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by "Der Grüne Punkt"
Der Grüne Punkt - 25. August 2020

Der Grüne Punkt renders Constance CO2-neutral

Environmental performance balance for 2019 shows yet again how important the circular economy is for climate protection

Don't be afraid of recyclates - joint event with dvi
Der Grüne Punkt - 13. August 2020

Don’t be afraid to use recyclates!

Experts and workshops provide comprehensive insights into the world of post-consumer plastic recyclates / Event organized jointly by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) and Der Grüne Punkt at the latter’s new premises in Cologne

The new recyclable can for household care products from Systalen.
Der Grüne Punkt - 15. July 2020

This is how recycling management works: Grey can is innovation in the detergent industry

JEMAKO introduces can packaging from Systalen from Der Grüne Punkt

Der Grüne Punkt - 10. July 2020

Customer-friendly orientation guide with the "Find-out Tool“

New tool from Der Grüne Punkt makes packaging licensing easier

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