Der Grüne Punkt - 10. July 2020

Customer-friendly orientation guide with the "Find-out Tool“

New tool from Der Grüne Punkt makes packaging licensing easier

The "Find-out Tool" is an interesting tool not only for intermediaries.

Cologne, 10.7.2020. "Which packaging do I have to register and where?" - For those who have to license packaging, this is often the crucial question. Der Grüne Punkt is now offering a special service on its website: the "Find-out Tool" is a free information tool that gives manufacturers and retailers affected by the German Packaging Act an overview of which packaging must be involved and what needs to be done. The "Find-out Tool" clusters into the categories shopkeeper, online retailer, producer of goods, importer, intermediary and others and offers answers to questions about packaging licensing for each trade and manufacturer level on topics such as import, sale, movement of goods etc. In terms of content, the "Find-out Tool" is based on the most frequently asked customer questions to the customer centre of the Der Grüne Punkt. It is intended as an orientation guide to system participation obligations in Germany. It does not replace legal advice. Practical: From the "Find-out Tool", new customers can access the license calculator and easily conclude a contract with the Der Grüne Punkt.

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