Der Grüne Punkt - 03. June 2019

“Donate your deposit” at Nuremberg Airport

Passengers can donate returnable bottles in specially provided containers, with the deposits credited to Strassenkreuzer e. V.

“Donate your deposit” at Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg/Cologne, 3 June 2019. The “Donate your Deposit” initiative kicks off today at Nuremberg Airport. Passengers can donate the returnable bottles they no longer need in specially installed containers. The revenues are donated to Strassenkreuzer e. V., a Nuremberg-based organization that helps socially disadvantaged people, in order to finance newly created jobs.

Hitherto, the empty returnable bottles were disposed of every day before the security checks. In future, the deposit return process will be improved: in conjunction with the recycling company Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH, the airport’s terminal service provider, and Strassenkreuzer e. V., Nuremberg Airport has now installed three containers in the terminal, where passengers can conveniently donate their returnable bottles, which under statute law they are prohibited from taking into the security zone.

For collecting the bottles, the charitable organization Strassenkreuzer e. V. has developed new jobs that are now up and running for Nuremberg Airport. The bottles are first of all collected at the airport, and then removed by Der Grüne Punkt. The latter arranges for the bottles to be recycled and collects the deposits, all of which are channeled into the project.

“The ‘Donate your Deposit’ initiative is doubly beneficial. Firstly, it proactively embraces sustainability, and secondly, we are offering, together with Strassenkreuzer e. V., a fresh start for the long-time unemployed,” said the airport’s Managing Director Dr. Michael Hupe as the initiative was launched.

“I am hugely gratified to see that we’re now involved at Nuremberg Airport,” emphasizes Michael Wiener, CEO of Der Grüne Punkt. “The project is sustainable in the best sense of the word, because it ensures more recycling and helps to create new jobs.”

Picture caption, from left to right: Martin Lausmann (Der Grüne Punkt), Peru Pista (Deposit Officer), Walter Grzesiek (Chairman Straßenkreuzer e. V.), Klaus Billmeyer (Deposit Officer), Dr. Michael Hupe (Managing Director Airport) and Max Hopperdietzel (Mudra/ Straßenkreuzer e. V.).
Photo: Katharina Ostertag/Airport Nuremberg

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