Der Grüne Punkt - 24. April 2020

Benefit from Der Grüne Punkt’s new online label

Manufacturers and online retailers show their customers that they are willing to meet their obligations and assume responsibility

The “Der Grüne Punkt” online label

Cologne, 24 April 2020. The “Der Grüne Punkt” online label is now available exclusively for manufacturers and online retailers, enabling them to demonstrate to their customers that they are for their packaging participating in the dual system of Der Grüne Punkt, i.e. are willing to meet their obligations under the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) and to assume responsibility for their sales packaging. The German VerpackG applies to all distributors who put packaging into commercial circulation on the German market for the first time (referred to as “manufacturers”) – i.e. both for national producers and for importers, online dealers, etc.

With our VerpackGO licence calculator, manufacturers and online retailers can very easily register online any of their packaging for participation in the dual system, meaning “licensing” it – all they need is a few clicks to ensure that they are “all systems go” for the German Packaging Act. By participating in Der Grüne Punkt’s system, manufacturers and online retailers will be given the online label free of charge and can easily integrate it into their webshop or post it on social media channels.

The online label is at the disposal of Der Grüne Punkt’s customers for use in their online portal. In this way, manufacturers and online retailers demonstrate not only to their customers but also to their competitors that they are licencing their packaging with Der Grüne Punkt.

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About the Der Grüne Punkt Group:
The companies of Der Grüne Punkt are service providers for extended producer responsibility, leading suppliers of secondary raw materials for plastics, and premium producers of plastic recyclates, and as such positioned as the premier solution providers for the needs of the circular economy. Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD), with the Green Dot as its trademark, was among the companies to introduce and establish the dual system in Germany, and stands for intelligent take-back systems, plus the development and marketing of innovative recyclates and services. Systec Plastics, at its facilities in Eisfeld and Hörstel, produces premium-quality recyclates under the Systalen brand name for the international market. The companies are grouped together in DSD – Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

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