Der Grüne Punkt - 15. July 2020

This is how recycling management works: Grey can is innovation in the detergent industry

JEMAKO introduces can packaging from Systalen from Der Grüne Punkt

The new recyclable can for household care products from Systalen.
The new recyclable can for household care products from Systalen. Photo: JEMAKO

Cologne, 15.07.2020. Pioneering - with JEMAKO, a renowned manufacturer of detergents, plasters and cleaning agents is not only committing itself to sustainability, but wants the closed cycle for its plastic cans. Together with the Der Grüne Punkt, it has developed an innovative solution for this and has proven that grey cans can keep up with the race for consumer favour. The recycled plastic for the new JEMAKO cans is based on the raw material source Yellow Sack and Yellow Bin, i.e. packaging is collected via near-household collection, then sorted by material type in modern sorting plants and finally processed to such a high quality that the respective materials can be reused in packaging and products. The cleaning agent manufacturer consciously accepts possible colour variations in the grey recycled plastic and does not colour the recycled raw materials in the cans and thus avoids the unnecessary use of chemicals. This ensures that the cans can be returned to the reusable material cycle without any problems.

With this changeover to fully recyclable cans for all its household cleaning products packaged in cans, the company is now taking a further, consistent step towards maximally sustainable cleaning solutions. Against the background of current design standards in the packaging design of cleaning products, this is a decision that is as unconventional as it is progressive: In the detergent industry, in which white as a symbol of cleanliness and freshness dominates, the grey recycled can clearly breaks with consumer habits. For JEMAKO, the grey can is a courageous step with which the company is setting a prominent mark in the packaging design of cleaning products and proving its pioneering role in the market. For the Der Grüne Punkt, it is a very good example for the future of packaging recycling.

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