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Innovations in the sorting of lightweight packaging waste are the prerequisite for advancing recycling. Hündgen Entsorgung is a competent partner in this field.

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In Germany, so-called lightweight packaging waste is collected in the yellow garbage can and the yellow sack, i.e. mainly used sales packaging made of plastics, metals and composites. The mixture must first be sorted - this is done by largely automated systems such as those of Hündgen Entsorgung in Swisttal. The medium-sized company has just invested in a state-of-the-art new building and is constantly developing its plant further.


Large manufacturers such as Nestlé Germany test the sortability of their packaging here together with Der Grüne Punkt. Packaging that is not recognized by the machines does not make it into the recycling process. "For us, the sortability of our packaging is therefore of central importance," emphasizes Bernd Büsing, Corporate Packaging Manager at Nestlé Germany. "We are pleased that our plant can help here," says Frank Arleth, operations manager at Hündgen Entsorgung. "The direct line to the customer helps us to further develop our technology."


Photo caption: Bernd Büsing (l.) and Frank Arleth at the Hündgen Entsorgung plant (photo: Der Grüne Punkt).