Dialogue Forum on the Circular Economy – NABU and Der Grüne Punkt invite you to attend

The upcoming German government is faced with the task of finally making tangible progress in the transformation to a resource-conserving circular economy. We would like to discuss with you how this can be achieved.

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Every person in Germany consumes around 16,000 kilograms of raw materials – per year! The linear economy dominates, and the circular economy is stuck in a niche: only about twelve percent of the raw materials used come from recycling. The question of how we can handle our raw materials more carefully in the future and keep them in circulation remains as topical as ever. The next German government will have the task of finally making tangible progress in the transformation to a genuine circular economy.


In plastics recycling alone, numerous developments are underway in parallel: Discussions on a minimum quota for the use of recyclates are becoming more concrete, but many questions remain open with regard to political implementation. A new recycling label is being discussed, which should help the public sector and consumers to act in the spirit of the circular economy. Questions of recyclability are also increasingly shifting towards paper packaging. As an alternative to plastics, they are in vogue, but lead to new challenges.


In order to actively support and shape the shift towards a circular economy, NABU and Der Grüne Punkt are organizing the Dialogforum Kreislaufwirtschaft on November 18, 2021 from 1:30 to 4:00 pm (conference language: German). Together we would like to discuss interesting and new ideas on how to reduce our waste mountains, make products and packaging recyclable and use more recyclates.


Program and registration at www.NABU.de/dialog2021