Earth Overshoot Day: Overshoot Reached

Today, humanity has already used up all the natural resources the Earth can supply for this year. A reason to do more for recycling.

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Today, July 28, 2022, is International Earth Overshoot Day. Viewed through an economic lens, our annual "resource income" is depleted. The credit becomes a debit, humanity is in "overshoot" and goes into the minus. In the figurative sense it takes up at the same time with the "earth" a credit, which is never repaid, but left to following generations as burden. And – the earth overshoot day falls ever earlier in the year.


Our exorbitant and rapidly growing consumption of plastics is also contributing to this: It is expected to triple by 2050, and today we still obtain it largely from fossil sources. The Green Dot, the pioneer of the circular economy for packaging, is positioning itself clearly and unequivocally in terms of products and attitude. Its versatile Systalen® recycled plastic is the environmentally friendly alternative to new plastic production. However, for Michael Wiener, CEO of Duales System Holding, it is not only the resource-saving product portfolio that counts in view of the earth overload: "We must urgently and consistently implement the European waste hierarchy: Avoid what we don't need, reuse and recycle where possible, and only then think about disposal."


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