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Recycling technology state of the art: Students of the University of Paderborn visit the site of Systec Plastics GmbH

News Bild [Translate to Englisch:] Lisa Tölle (2. v. l.) und Ivan Diestel (l.) mit Studierenden der Universität Paderborn (Bild: Der Grüne Punkt)

Students of the University of Paderborn visit Systec Plastics: Together with Lisa Tölle, who is in charge of the plastics recycling lecture on behalf of the scientific staff, students of the plastics technology department got an idea of modern recycling technology for plastic waste from the yellow bag. Plant manager Ivan Diestel gave the group a tour of the facility and explained how the delivered plastic bales are turned into valuable raw material for the plastics industry via quality control, various shredding and washing stages, and final re-granulation.


"It was highly interesting to see how the raw material, which is nevertheless quite mixed, is turned back into high-quality polypropylene," Lisa Tölle said, summing up her impressions. "I can well imagine offering such a tour to students of the department on a regular basis." Ivan Diestel would welcome it: "It's fun to walk through the plant and discuss with knowledgeable visitors."


Photo caption: Lisa Tölle (2nd from left) and Ivan Diestel (l.) with students from the University of Paderborn (Photo: Der Grüne Punkt).