Introduction to chemical recycling

The Green Dot provides online information on processes and possible applications.

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Recycling alternatives must be found for plastic waste that is difficult to recycle. Chemical recycling is considered to be one such alternative. Despite controversial discussions and social reservations, chemical recycling is seen by many as a necessary component of a circular economy.


In an online event on 28 March 2023, Grüner Punkt will provide basic knowledge on this subject by presenting the individual processes and classifying and evaluating chemical recycling as a whole.


This is all the more important against the background of the draft European Packaging Regulation PPWR, because the targets formulated therein with differentiated recyclate use quotas for plastic packaging, including that for contact-sensitive packaging, will once again fuel the discussion on chemical recycling.


And the 'traffic light' parties in the federal government also agreed in the 2021-2025 coalition agreement to include chemical recycling as a recycling option in the Packaging Act - a process that is still ongoing.


Please note: The event language is German


Further information on the event and registration here