Kulinaria members interested in sustainable packaging

Trade event organized by Kulinaria Deutschland and Der Grüne Punkt on Design4Recycling

News Bild [Translate to Englisch:] Fachveranstaltung Kulinaria und der Grüne Punkt

Kulinaria Germany, together with experts from Der Grüne Punkt, provided information on recycling-friendly packaging design (Design4Recycling) at a specialist event. Kulinaria is the association of the German vinegar and mustard industry, the delicatessen industry and the soup industry, i.e. all sectors that are packaging-intensive and place a high value on packaging itself. As a result, interest is very high in finding out what distinguishes Design4Recycling, how it can be measured, and which legal European and national requirements for packaging design must be observed.


Der Grüne Punkt sales manager Andreas Kappel therefore presented the infrastructure for sorting and recycling used sales packaging in Germany. "Without sorting by type at the end of the sorting plant, there is no subsequent packaging recycling," said Kappel, "the manufacturer has a great, if not decisive, influence on this with his decision on material and packaging concept."


Ursula Denison, Head of Sales Strategy and Marketing at Der Grüne Punkt, reported on the legal framework conditions in the German Circular Economy Act and the German Packaging Act: According to Section 21 of the Packaging Act, system operators are required to promote the recycling-friendly design of packaging, the use of recycled materials and renewable raw materials. The mechanism for this has yet to be defined. In this context, Ursula Denison also presented the idea of a "recycling fund" of the dual systems.


Christina Schulz, head of the Design4Recycling unit at Der Grüne Punkt, gave a presentation on the practical implementation of recycling-friendly design: "We provide information on Design4Recycling criteria, show what makes a standard package a good recyclable package, and explain how this recyclability can be measured. In addition, we offer a special label that shows recyclability on packaging." The limits currently imposed on the use of recyclates in food packaging were made very clear, and members learned very clearly from best-practice examples how it is already possible today in the food sector to optimize packaging without greenwashing.


"A great round with intensive exchange and clear information and suggestions for our industries," summed up Kulinaria CEO Dr. Markus Weck, "even if the use of recyclates in food is not yet possible at the moment, there will be a high dynamic here. For our members and also for us as an association, the support of Der Grüne Punkt with its wide range of offers on this topic will continue to be very important in the future."