Latest technology for injection molding with Systalen®

Fakuma 2023: With the support of high-quality Systalen® PCR recyclates from Green Dot, Ferromatik Milacron presents latest injection molding technology

News Bild Fakuma 2023: With the support of high-quality Systalen® PCR recyclates from Green Dot, Ferromatik Milacron presents latest injection molding technology

Cologne, Germany, Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 13, 2023. Major appearance at Fakuma 2023: The renowned injection molding machine manufacturer Milacron will present the new M series as a European premiere, in practical use with the recyclate Systalen® PP from Grüner Punkt. Live on the booth, the machine will produce a storage container with a shot weight of 935 g.


The servo-hydraulic two-platen machine impresses with clamping forces from 4,500 kN to 11,000 kN and a host of innovations, including intuitive control and extended ejector access for fast mold changes and high productivity. "The M-Series not only demonstrates outstanding performance potential, but also scores points with a compact footprint and high clamping speeds," said Winfried Stöcklin, managing director of Ferromatik Milacron GmbH.


Systalen® PP is a post-consumer recyclate from the Green Dot (Der Grüne Punkt), obtained exclusively from packaging waste from the German yellow bag and yellow bin. "Our collaboration with Green Dot at K 2022 has proven to be very valuable for Milacron's sustainable product production and will also help to showcase solutions that meet the best environmental standards at Fakuma 2023," explains Stöcklin.


"I am very happy about the cooperation with Ferromatik Milacron and the great appearance at this year's Fakuma," says Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of Grüner Punkt. "With Systalen® we are demonstrating the performance of today's recycled materials in modern injection molding."


At the same time, he adds, Systalen® offers a sustainable alternative to new plastic produced from petroleum: "Systalen® PP saves more than 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin material. Circular economy and climate protection go hand in hand here – and that with convincing product quality," Deppmeyer continued.


The Ferromatik Milacron booth at Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 17-21: B3 - 3302


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About the Green Dot company:
Der Grüne Punkt is service provider for extended producer responsibility, leading supplier of secondary raw materials for plastics, and premium producer of plastic recyclates, and as such positioned as the premier solution provider for the needs of the circular economy. The Der Grüne Punkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG, with the Green Dot® as its trademark, was among the companies to introduce and establish the dual system in Germany, and stands for intelligent take-back systems, plus the development and marketing of innovative recyclates and services. Systec Plastics, at its facilities in Eisfeld and Hörstel, produces premium-quality recyclates under the Systalen® brand name for the international market. Der Grüne Punkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the group of companies GreenDot Global S.à r.l.