Order your 2022 environmental certificate from Grüner Punkt now!

Show your own contribution to climate protection with the environmental certificate

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The Environmental Certificate is very popular with customers who participate in the Grüner Punkt (Green Dot) dual system. Calculated on the basis of the environmental balance sheet of Grüner Punkt, it shows the following impact categories savings of greenhouse gases and primary energy, reduction of phosphate and nitrogen compounds and avoidance of sulfur dioxide equivalents ("acidification"). Because by recycling the sales packaging involved in each case, climate-damaging effects are avoided, reduced or saved in all of the aforementioned areas. Information that is often of interest to our customers' customers. This is why environmental certificates from Grüner Punkt are often published in the sustainability sections of company websites and in social media.


Tip: The Environmental Certificate 2022 can be ordered with or after submission of the Year End Report 2022 for only € 29 (net) in the Grüner Punkt customer portal.