Reliable signal for public procurement

RAL quality mark "% Recycled Plastics" equivalent to the Blue Angel in German public procurement / German Environment Agency (UBA) handout for public procurement on recognized plastic recyclate quality marks

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The RAL quality mark "% Recycled Plastics" on packaging or a plastic product documents the percentage of recycled material from the yellow bag, the yellow garbage can in Germany (or similar systems) used for production. The RAL Quality Mark is based on precisely described and publicly accessible quality and testing regulations that are adapted and revised at regular intervals.


Now there is one more good reason for the industry to rely on the RAL quality mark % recycled plastic: The German Environment Agency (UBA) has published a new handout for public purchasing. This lists quality marks that in accordance with Section 34 of the Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV) can be used by German contracting authorities as an indication for the procurement of plastic products made from recycled materials. In addition to the Blue Angel, the UBA also mentions the "RAL Quality Mark Recycled Plastics".


Other seals listed in the UBA handout, on the other hand, must first undergo testing by the so-called conformity assessment body in accordance with § 33 before they can be recognized.


Advantages of the RAL Quality Mark on sales packaging at a glance:


  • recognized and independent quality mark
  • guarantees transparent and tested processes
  • indicates to customers and consumers an environmentally friendly and resource-saving product


In addition, as a distributor of packaging, you can prove the use of recyclates in accordance with §21 of the German Packaging Act by using the quality mark!


The prerequisite for using the RAL quality mark "% Recycled Plastics" is membership in the RAL Quality Association for Recyclates from Household Recycling Collections (RAL Gütegemeinschaft Rezyklate aus haushaltsnahen Wertstoffsammlungen e.V.).