Sneak Preview – CHIRA to raise the number of recyclable packages

The cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI) is developing a new software tool for EU-wide assessment of the recyclability of packaging / Der Grüne Punkt online workshop with exclusive insight


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Cologne, 21 May 2021. Recyclable packaging – the cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI) will be launching a new software tool for scientifically sound assessment of the recyclability of packaging. CHIRA – CHI Recyclability Assessment – has been developed by expert appraisers and process engineers with support from Der Grüne Punkt. The tool is based on the prestigious CHI recyclability assessment standard that packaging producers, dealers and first-time distributors can thus use under their own aegis. What’s behind this tool is more than just theory pure and simple – the results of several thousand individual certifications issued by the cyclos-HTP Institute provide the foundation for assessment. In a Green Dot online workshop on May 27, 2021, with experts from CHI and Green Dot, participants will gain exclusive insight into the basic structure of the IT tool and learn background information on the analytical approach.


“We’ve supported the CHI standard right from the start as one of the institute’s important partners because we think it is particularly well-grounded and also unique in both breadth and internationality,” emphasizes Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of Der Grüne Punkt. “This is also why our RecyclingCOMPASS, which we will be updating to the latest minimum standard at the beginning of September, is based on the CHI’s database, thus resting on a scientifically sound foundation.”


The recyclability of packaging material is progressively gaining in perceived importance, not least due to rising recovery requirements and increasing pressure from politicians, dealers and consumers alike. Only with truly recyclable packaging will it be possible to translate a fit-for-purpose, up-to-the-future circular economy into hands-on reality. The tool assists its users in checking a most diverse range of materials and components for recyclability even while the package concerned is still in the development phase.


Thousands of packages are being analysed and certified in the CHI’s recycling laboratory every year. CHIRA is a direct result of the multifaceted experience thus gained, it can be applied for all types of material, and factors in the infrastructure of several countries, including all of the EU nations. It is in full conformity with the minimum standard of the Central Packaging Registry (in German abbreviated to ZSVR) and with the relevant DIN and CEN standards. In its first version, it will be available as a desktop application, with a web-based version to follow.


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