Trusted Shops and Google: further improvement in ranking

VerpackGO, the Green Dot service for the participation of sales packaging in the German dual system, can further expand its positive ratings at Trusted Shops and Google.

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The high score in sight: Trusted Shops users give the VerpackGo service with license calculator and calculation aid for packaging licensing the grade "very good" with 4.77 out of five possible stars, topping the May value. Satisfaction with support and the fast and uncomplicated ordering process for this service were the deciding factors.


Google users now give Green Dot 4.8 out of a possible five stars. "Absolutely competent and very friendly staff to boot. Would wish other companies had comparable customer service," reads one of the reviews.


Green Dot says thank you for this and asks its customers to continue to use these reference opportunities. "We keep an eye on the reviews," says Jörg Deppmeyer, Grüner Punkt Managing Director Sales, "which also means responding when customers point out to us where we can do even better."