Vaccination appeal at Der Grüne Punkt

The number of Corona infections is increasing – the works council and management at Der Grüne Punkt are therefore jointly calling for vaccination.

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The management and works council at Der Grüne Punkt are united in their commitment to vaccination in their own company: Together, they are calling on all previously unvaccinated employees of the group of companies for whom there is a vaccination recommendation to be vaccinated against Corona. The management is offering a €500 donation to local social projects for every proven Covid 19 first vaccination.

Vaccination is the surest way to build protection against Covid-19. It helps not only the vaccinated themselves, but also others, especially the children who could not get vaccinated. They can go back to daycare and school without worrying if vaccination succeeds in containing the pandemic.

Colleagues who have already been vaccinated should protect themselves against possible vaccination breakthroughs with a booster vaccination. The works council and management jointly call on employees to "show responsibility for themselves and for others. Get vaccinated and stay healthy!"


Picture: Pixabay