Volume of recycled packaging increased

Dual systems improve recycling rates for 2021 in all material fractions.

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In December 2022, after evaluating the mass flow verifications of the dual systems, the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) made it official with its publication: In 2021, a total of around 5.9 million tonnes of packaging from private end consumption was recycled across all material fractions - around three percent more than in the previous year. This means that all legally prescribed recovery and recycling quotas were met for the year in question, 2021.


"Of the plastic packaging participating in the dual systems, 65.5 per cent was recycled - seven percentage points more than required by law. A recycling rate of 113.4 per cent was achieved for aluminium packaging and 100.1 per cent for ferrous metal packaging. Of the packaging made of glass, 84.8 per cent was recycled, of that made of paper, cardboard or carton 90.9 per cent. The recycling rates for beverage cartons and other composite packaging were also exceeded, with 76.2 and 69.6 per cent respectively. The quota can exceed 100 per cent if the dual systems have recycled more packaging than was involved ("licensed") with them. According to the ZSVR report, the dual systems not only fulfilled the legal requirements (50 percent) with the achieved total recycling quota for light packaging of 51.6 percent, they were also able to improve the result compared to the previous year. This rate refers to the total collection volume from the Yellow Bins and Yellow Bags, including the so-called misthrows therein with an approximate share of 30 percent (according to the dual systems' own calculations)," says the dual systems‘ Initiative Mülltrennung wirkt (waste separations works) in its corresponding press release on the improved recycling performance for the year 2021.