ZSVR accelerates enforcement: digital file access for authorities with immediate effect

A digital portal for efficient enforcement of the Packaging Act is now available for state authorities.

News Bild [Translate to Englisch:] LUCID Behördenportal

The new "LUCID Behördenportal" (LUCID Authorities Portal) makes suspected administrative offence cases determined for the responsible state authorities available in digital form. The Central Packaging Registry (ZSVR) not only provides data records, but the enforcement authorities themselves also have the option of actively retrieving information from the ZSVR.


The connected authorities can create individual evaluations and query data for this purpose in order to carry out enforcement in the respective federal state in a targeted manner. In the medium term, it is planned that the enforcement authorities will also be able to obtain information on the collection quantities of packaging and the volume flow verification reports of the systems in this way.


The ZSVR has identified around 6,000 regulatory violations since 2019. Enforcement is the responsibility of the relevant state authorities once the efiles have been submitted. ZSVR board member Gunda Rachut commented: "The LUCID authority portal and the close cooperation with the state authorities exemplify what digital transformation in administration can look like. On this basis, the Packaging Act can develop its full effect."