Business Commitment for a better Future

Der Grüne Punkt sees sustainability as a decisive aspect of its company philosophy. This includes taking business action in assuming ecological, economic and societal responsibility. This especially relates to four important pillars of the DSD business model:


Recycling with the Green Dot (“Der Grüne Punkt”) is an active contribution to the protection of the climate. The annual DSD environmental performance balance calculates savings via packaging recycling for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with appropriate international norms.


To maintain resources and burden the environment as little as possible are priority objectives of the business sustainability strategy of DSD. By participating in the Business-and-Biodiversity-Initiative organized by federal government DSD has undertaken to integrate the aspect of protection of nature and species more strongly into its business sustainability management system.

Secondary raw materials

Der Grüne Punkt closes material cycles and reduces consumption of primary materials. This contributes to the protection of natural resources and is an important step towards continuous safety of resources.

Commitment within Society

Der Grüne Punkt supports a range of initiatives and projects for sustainable development, such as the German Sustainability Award (“Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis”, DNP). Because ideas need support and publicity if they are to be implemented.

Comparison on soundly based foundations

Every year, Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) compiles a mass flow verification report (MFV), detailing the sales packages collected and recovered from the Yellow Bag and the Yellow Bin, from the bottle banks and the wastepaper containers. On the basis of the MFV and in broad conformity with international standards of ecological accounting, DSD also computes an environmental performance balance, detailing the figures for packaging recycling with the Green Dot.

Recycling at highest Level
Recycling at highest Level

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