Does it make sense to separate the waste?

Why waste separation and the Green Dot are part of a sustainable way of life

Sustainability is of central interest to our corporate philosophy. The core of the Green Dot is ecological, economical and social responsibility. It's not just about why separating and recycling waste is important, but also about how we can work together to create a better future. What can we as a company do for climate, biodiversity and the future society? This is achieved with consistent waste separation, which makes it possible to keep packaging material in closed cycles and thus conserve natural resources.

Why recycling is just the beginning

The strategy of the Green Dot on sustainability in detail: Learn more about our environmental, economical and social responsibility, concrete projects and our sustainability goals.

Comparison on soundly based foundations

Every year, Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) compiles a mass flow verification report (MFV), detailing the sales packages collected and recovered from the Yellow Bag and the Yellow Bin, from the bottle banks and the wastepaper containers. On the basis of the MFV and in broad conformity with international standards of ecological accounting, DSD also computes an environmental performance balance, detailing the figures for packaging recycling with the Green Dot.

Recovery rates achieved 2017

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What is recycling good for?


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