The Glass Loop

What happens to it? 

Experienced sorters of recyclable waste know that glass can be recycled as often as desired. It does not belong in the yellow bin, but rather in the bottle bank where it should be sorted by colour into the containers for clear, green and brown glass. Blue glass also goes in the green glass container.

Separation by colour is very important for later recycling. This is because clear glass does not tolerate any other colours at all, while brown glass has a tolerance of no

more than eight percent and green glass of up to 15 percent. Today waste glass is the most important component of new glass packaging. The Green Dot waste management partners transport the material from the bottle banks directly to the processing plant where it is crushed and any impurities such as caps and labels are removed. After this, the fragments are sieved by size and checked once again for incorrect colours and other impurities. Finally, the glass granulate is melted in the glassworks and used to produce new containers.

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