Close the licence year 2020 safely, start the new year well prepared. What do I have to do as a yearly customer?

You only have to think of three things: year-end sales report 2020, estimated quantities for 2021, data report to LUCID. Log in once and do it all.

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This is done quickly and easily:


  • year-end sales report 2020: Report your final quantities to us: simply log in to Online Service and let us guide you through the year-end sales report 2020.
  • estimated quantities for 2021: What is your forecast for this year? With the year-end sales report, you can transfer your forecast with one click.
  • data report to LUCID: All that is missing now is your data report to the Central Agency/LUCID. You can be forwarded directly to the right place and complete your data report in one go.

So you are well prepared.

In your year-end sales report, you provide us with the actual quantity of packaging subject to system participation that you put into circulation on the German market in 2020. By submitting your year-end sales report, you correct the estimated quantities that were invoiced to you in the lump-sum invoice at the beginning of the year.

Your forecast quantity is the estimated quantity of packaging subject to system participation on the basis of which we set up your lump-sum invoice. You now have the opportunity of storing current forecast quantities for 2021 in our online portal. If you adjust the forecast quantity before the end of January, the updated quantity can already be taken into account for the lump-sum invoice 2021. We expect to send out the lump-sum invoices for 2021 at the beginning of February 2021.*

*if you have a valid contract with us in 2021.

The data report is the declaration of your packaging subject to system participation to the Central Agency Packaging Register in the portal LUCID. It is important that you also enter the quantities you have reported to us into the portal LUCID**. We are happy to support you in this: After you have entered your quantities into our customer portal Online Service, you can be forwarded easily and conveniently to the right place in the reporting portal of the Central Agency.

** Please note that this information only applies to reports that relate to participation in our dual system.