Do I have to report my transport and industrial packaging to LUCID?

What you have to do to fulfill your obligations under the new German Packaging Act.

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No, there is no such obligation. As of July 1, 2022, the new German Packaging Act only requires that the initial distributors register all types of packaging they place on the market, i.e. also transport and industrial packaging, once in LUCID. No information on the packaging materials used or the quantities is requested. The legislator is only interested in achieving transparency about who is placing which types of packaging on the market.


As of when this one-time registration in LUCID will be possible, the Central Registry (ZSVR) will certainly publish at in a timely manner.


Attention: On May 15, 2023, however, it will be possible for the first time for the responsible state authorities to request documentation from manufacturers and distributors for the previous year on the transport and industrial packaging that has been placed on the market, taken back and sent for recycling. However, this must then indeed contain information on the masses and material fractions.