Only registered packaging may be sold!

The new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) has been in force since 1 January 2019. New for "manufacturers" within the meaning of the law, and this also includes online retailers and operators of small online shops: They must register with the Central Packaging Registry (ZSVR). Those who do not properly register their "system-participating packaging" there may not distribute it, in short, are subject to the prohibition of distribution

(VerpackG § 9)! Manufacturers have already been obliged to participate in a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt for their packaging targeted at private final consumers.

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Do you still have to participate and register for 2019 or even for 2018?

Then there is no more time to waste, but with Der Grüne Punkt you are still in good hands: contact us via anfrage(at)gruener-punkt(dot)de and describe the problem, or participate your packaging directly and quickly at VerpackGO and register with the ZSVR with support.

Three minutes are also well invested for our explanatory film on the new German Packaging Act: It provides information on the Act and explains how to register as a manufacturer with the newly established Central Packaging Registry and how to participate your packaging in a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt.