The licence year will soon be over, the new one is coming up. What do I have to do as a yearly declaration customer?

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Please log into the customer portal and follow the steps below:

If your master data has changed, you can first change it in the customer portal under the menu item Master Data.

From December 2022 until March 2023 you can report the actual quantity of packaging subject to system participation that you placed on the German market in 2022 to us in the customer portal via the button „New report“ for the period J 01/2022-12/2022. Thus you can correct the estimated quantities which were invoiced to you in a lump-sum invoice for the year 2022.

At the menu item „Contractual quantity adjustment (estimated annual quantity)“ in the customer portal you have the option of storing or adjusting the estimated annual quantities for the year 2023. However, you can also transfer your estimated annual quantities for 2023 in one click with the submission of your year-end report 2022. Your estimated annual quantity is the estimated quantity of packaging subject to system participation that we use to draw up your lump-sum invoice for 2023. If you adapt your estimated annual quantity by February 2023, we can take into account the updated quantity for the lump-sum invoice 2023. This applies if you have a valid contract with us in 2023.

Once you have entered your actual quantities for 2022 and your estimated annual quantities for 2023 for your system participation in our customer portal, you can be easily and conveniently forwarded to the LUCID portal and complete your data reporting in one go.

Every customer with a valid participation contract can download the confirmation of participation for the current year on the starting page of our customer portal.