What is the difference between the "environmental certificate" from Grüner Punkt and the statutory notification pursuant to § 20 Para. 3 VerpackG (German Packaging Act)?

The Packaging Act obliges each dual system, among other things, to report its participating packaging to the Central Packaging Register Office by means of the so-called annual report, stating the mass per material fraction per registration number.

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§ Section 20 (3) of the Packaging Act now requires the systems, such as Grüner Punkt, to inform their customers (in the law: "producers") of the contents of the annual report concerning them. This notification usually takes place shortly after receipt of the year-end report. Of course, Grüner Punkt complies with this legal requirement free of charge.


The packaging quantities reported to Grüner Punkt by individual customers form the basis for the environmental certificate from Grüner Punkt, which is becoming more and more popular every year, but is subject to a fee. For our customers, it is a good advertisement for their individual contribution to climate protection and makes the environmentally relevant savings through packaging recycling with Grüner Punkt visible. For this purpose, on request, the packaging quantities reported annually to the dual system with the Grüner Punkt are evaluated with regard to the savings through their recycling according to the impact categories


  • Primary energy
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Fossil resources
  • Eutrophication
  • Acidification

and converted into an illustrative example. For this we charge a processing fee of €29,- net.  
The environmental certificate is based on the Grüner Punkt's annual environmental balance confirmed by ifeu - Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg gGmbH and can be ordered via our online portal.