Which data do I have to enter at the beginning of the new year? And where?

Your final quantities that you have actually placed on the German market (packaging subject to system participation) during the year 2019 must be entered in two places:

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  • With us – convenient in our online portal
  • With the Central Agency Packaging Register (LUCID)


Further explanations can be found here:

  • Year-end sales report 2019 in the online portal of Duales System Deutschland GmbH
    We recommend that our yearly customers submit the year-end sales report 2019 right at the beginning of the year 2020 or at the latest by the end of January so that we may send you the lump-sum invoice for the calendar year 2020 on the basis of the current year-end sales report 2019. The contractually agreed deadline for submission of the year-end sales report is 31.03.2020. Simply click here for our online portal
  • Year-end volume report in the online portal of the Central Agency Packaging Register LUCID
    We are obliged to report your quantities for 2019 to the Central Agency in the same way. The Central Agency is responsible for the control, i. e. the check for equal quantities. This control is intended to make volume shrinks and possible deviations transparent. Simply click here for packaging register LUCID


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Estimated quantities 2020


  • In the online portal of the Central Agency LUCID
    - until 31.12.2019 via the menu item „Initial planned volume report“
    - from 01.01.2020 via the menu item „Intra-year volume report“
  • In our house the quantity reported in your last year-end sales report will automatically be stored as estimated quantity – unless otherwise agreed.