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The new German Packaging Act!

How to register your packaging in a legally binding form

As from 1. January 2019, the new German Packaging Act will come into force in Germany, replacing the Packaging Ordinance. It is important you should know this, particulary when you are selling products commercially (e.g. online shops). Your are legally obligated to have your packages participate in a dual system, such as Der Grüne Punkt. No doubt! You will find all about closing the contract with Der Grüne Punkt, the registration and the system participation in our explanatory film. Read more about the German Packaging Act here:

This film does not replace formal legal advice.

Trainees-Project - Trucks need to be clean

Systalen – Recyclates with tested and certified CO2 Savings

The Systalen PRIMUS recyclate in production operation

The Green Dot and the dual system - simply explained.

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Raw material of the future - Production of the Ecoline series from Gies, made from Systalen premium recycled plastics

Plastics Recycling with the Green Dot

Recycling of Nespresso Capsules


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punkt Edition 2015

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Magazines Sustainability Report 2017/2018

Sustainability Report 2017/2018

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Magazines Sustainability Report 2015/2016

Sustainability Report 2015/2016

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Magazines Sustainability Report 2013/2014

Sustainability Report 2013/2014

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Der Grüne Punkt and the dual system: simply explained

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The new German Packaging Act 8 pages

The new German Packaging Act as of 1st January 2019

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Our Service Offer

Our Service Offer

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Sorting assistance (multilanguage)

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Magazines Systalen One source. One brand. An infinity of applications.

One Source. One Brand.
An Infinity of Applications.

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Magazines Systalen Regranulates for Packaging

Regranulates for Packaging

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Top-quality granulates with an eco-profile

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Economic outlook for plastics recycling – the dual system’s role

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Ecological achievements and potential of the dual system

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