Design for Recycling – consultancy and certification in the field of sustainable packages

Sustainable packaging design based on our corporate expertise: even during the early development stage of new, sustainable packages, we provide you with supportive consultancy to ensure second-to-none recyclability reflected in optimized design for recycling. We join forces with you to develop your sustainable packaging solution, tailored precisely to your package portfolio, and provide specific recommendations on material combinations, homogeneity, printing, closure systems, dismantlability, etc. You can thus be assured of recycling-friendly design, product development, and optimization of your packages for the end-of-life phase!

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Can recyclability be quantified?

Design for Recycling in Zusammenarbeit mit Institut Cyclos/HTP

In exclusive cooperation with the cyclos-HTP Institute, we draw up certificates for you regarding the recyclability of your packages. You will find further information in our flyer:

Design for recycling certification process

What does the design-for-recycling process look like?

The first step is to record the relevant data and analyze the as-is status of your package, and to estimate what laboratory trials are required. The data concerned are acquired using a questionnaire. Thereupon, an independent appraiser draws up an exclusive expertise based on the requirement and evaluation listing of the cyclos-HTP Institute. You receive a transparent summary of the results as an aid to decision-making, and a certificate stating the recyclability as a percentage. On this basis, we join forces with you to draw up an individualized recommendation listing for upgrading the recyclability of your packages. You then receive a summary of the results as an aid to decision-making for the options available in your thrust for sustainable packaging.

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What is the purpose of certification?

As status elucidation, status quo and improvement

  • Identifying and utilizing optimization potentials
  • Defining goals and setting new standards
  • Rendering improvements quantifiable
  • Integration into the CSR strategy

When a package is modified

  • Improved recyclability compared to the ‘old’ package

If a package is already highly suitable for recycling

  • Product can be advertised highlighting sustainability aspects

What packages qualify?

  • Bestselling packages
  • Products that highlight the issue of recycling on the package
  • Products where the marketing places particular emphasis on sustainability aspects
  • Complex packaging systems where poor recyclability can be hypothesized
  • Simple packaging systems where a high level of recyclability can be postulated (e.g. light-colored HDPE bottles)
  • Packages that are currently being revamped (before-and-after comparison)

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