The holistic packaging license for transport packages

Der Grüne Punkt offers a comprehensive disposal service for well-nigh every form of package. With a packaging license from our dual system, you have opted for a strong partnership and for innovative solutions geared to the closed-cycle economy. The provisions of the German Packaging Ordinance applying to transport packages impose a series of duties on the companies involved. We can provide you with effective support in performing these duties.

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Legally compliant handling of transport packages

The German Packaging Ordinance (abbreviated in German to VerpackV) defines as transport packages those packages that facilitate the transport of goods from producers to retailers, protect them from damage, or are used in logistical operations for all other safety reasons. In contrast to sales packages (which may possess similar utility), transport packages are encountered solely at commercial dealers. Anyone putting these packages into circulation is obligated to take them back as well, and to arrange for them to be re-used or subjected to material recycling, insofar as this is technically possible and commercially viable.

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Packages in the retailing sector Classical sales channel
Packages in direct sales Online shops are a frequent example

*“Private consumers” also include what are called equivalent places of origination, i.e. canteens, hospitals, etc.

With a contract for transport packages from Der Grüne Punkt, you transfer the tasks deriving from the Packaging Ordinance to an experienced service provider.

Our disposal service involving the packaging license for transport packages

Comprehensive consultancy from highly qualified staff in our experienced company.

Transparent quotation formulation, tailored to your own particular needs, at fair conditions.

Customized concept to ensure fit-for-purpose sorting in container systems for all material fractions involved in the transport packages for individual places of origination or complete-coverage systems.

Punctual collection of the licensed transport packages by a dependable partner company within the guaranteed deadline of maximally three working days.

Eco-friendly disposal and sustainable recovery of transport packages in full compliance with the German Packaging Ordinance.

Continual traceability for the handling of your transport packages, in the customer portal thanks to real-time data.


We close cycles – packaging licenses from Germany’s first dual system

Der Grüne Punkt has for more than 25 years now been ensuring rigorous recycling of finite raw materials. As the market leader among the dual systems and a provider of sustainable solutions, we close up gaps in the reusable-material cycle along the entire value added chain. With Systalen, our premium recyclate from the Yellow Sack, we ensure reduced environmental impact, and offer a secondary raw material that economizes on natural resources.

Besides the packaging license for transport packages, our service portfolio also covers the participation of sales packages from the commercial and industrial sectors and direct sales to consumers. Our holistic, eco-friendly recycling solutions regarding deposits and electrical equipment offer a series of advantages for companies from the retailing sector and operators of online shops and for wholesalers, the logistical sector and the manufacturing industry.

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