Eco-profile for recycled plastic – you can count on it

It is self-evident that recycled plastic is good for the natural environment. And as of now this has also been cogently confirmed by statistical data: eco-profiles show how much eco-friendlier it is to manufacture products from recycled plastic than producing new ones from primary raw materials. As is the case with Systalen, the recyclate from Der Grüne Punkt.

Recycled plastic – good for the environment

The times in which recycled plastic or secondary raw materials could be used for manufacturing only a few products are long gone now. The Systalen recyclate has made a vital contribution here, since this secondary raw material is versatile in use, and in comparison to primary raw materials already reduces the environmental impact involved during the production process, thanks to

  • the progressive option for producing plastic without oil
  • a closed loop for plastics
  • the significantly lower energy consumption
  • far lower CO2 emission values and pollutant emissions

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During the production process, different measured data are acquired, analyzed and summarized in the eco-profile.

Optimum analyses for optimum recycled plastic

Precise figures for all Systalen granulates

In contrast to life-cycle assessments, which cover a product’s entire lifetime, eco-profiles examine and describe a specified section of the product cycle involved.

In our case, the production of recycled plastics. During the production process, different measured data on raw material collection and sorting, energy provision, on the production steps all the way through to the recyclate examined (including all expenditure incurred for treating the non-recyclable substances concerned), are acquired, analyzed and summarized in the eco-profile. All raw material withdrawals, plus emissions in air and water along this process chain, are factored in. Advantages or credits, however, which in their turn are obtained by utilizing any relevant byproducts, are not included in the calculations. The profiles thus created are in line with international standards, and modeled on the systemic approach adopted in the eco-profiles published by the trade association PlasticsEurope. The comparison between Systalen and primary plastic is based on up-to-date data records for new merchandise, thus assuring methodological comparability.

The Result

Recycled plastic produced on the basis of Systalen is significantly eco-friendlier than plastics made from primary raw materials like oil. Depending on the type of plastic involved, CO2 emissions alone are reduced by half compared to the production of “new merchandise”.

This means that not only does the Systalen recyclate cut the consumption of important resources, Der Grüne Punkt and the Systalen customers are also making a substantial proactive contribution towards climate protection and environmental conservation.

A direct comparison*

Savings compared with “new” plastic

Greenhouse effect0.8 kg CO2-eq./kg50%
Process energy18.8 MJ/kg60%
Acidification2.5 kg SO2-eq./kg59%
Nutrient input0.9 kg PO4-eq./kg79%

*These values relate to PP from the facility in Hörstel.

Savings compared to primary merchandise

Savings compared to primary merchandise

Joining forces for humans and their natural environment

The eco-profiles for Systalen products have been validated by expert appraisers at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) in Heidelberg. For our facility in Eisfeld, the ifeu has even handled the entire calculations involved. As an independent institute, it has for almost 40 years now been conducting research aimed at sustainable development. Drawing up life-cycle assessments and eco-profiles constitutes an important part of its academic work.

By collaborating with sectoral specialists and with independent institutions, we create a dependable, transparent picture themed around the Systalen premium recyclate and the advantages involved in producing recycled plastic.

For sustainable protection of humans and their natural environment.

Top-quality recyclate for everything

Systalen is the premium recyclate from Der Grüne Punkt in granulate form, which thanks to a choice of recipes can be used for producing different recycled plastics. Granulates are developed in the plastics pilot plant at the facility in Cologne, and produced in Germany.

The options for utilizing the plastics thus created are many and varied, ranging from transport boxes and baskets or decorative crates all the way through to bottles for cleaning agents.

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