Glass is a completely hygienic material which can be recycled indefinitely without any loss in quality. As a container it is neutral in relation to its contents.

Glass waste from households is collected separately nowadays and sorted into white, green, and amber glass. This allows it to be converted back into the original glass colors. In the melting furnaces of the glassworks, the recycled glass fragments are furnished with additives depending on the purpose of production and then processed into new bottles.

The possibility of recycling glass as often as desired saves natural resources (such as sand). Used glass also plays an important role in the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing new glass products by saving energy.

Our services for you:

  • Container glass from municipal collections
  • Container glass from commercial collections
  • Container glass from bottling facilities
  • Long-term material flow dependability
  • Organization of worldwide transport
  • Quality control

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Ulrich Ix
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Manufacturing of glass containers
The machines in the Wirges factory of Saint-Gobain Oberland AG are never stopped. At 1,600 degrees shards are melted, the mass is later cut into drops. Machines form glass containers, which glow orange-red with heat. They are cooled, passed through various test stations and finally packaged and stored. The Wirges plant produces around 1.5 million bottles every day.

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