Plastic – a multi-faceted material for multi-purpose recycling

We’re living in an age of plastics: about 50 percent of lightweight packages in the Yellow Sack and in the Yellow Bin are made of plastic, and in Germany alone around twelve million tons of plastic are used each year – a third of it for packaging. Der Grüne Punkt operates on all levels of plastics recovery: in collection, sorting, processing and recovery, as well as in plastics buying and selling.

Indispensably irreplaceable!

The possibilities that plastics offer are well-nigh infinite, and in many cases render it irreplaceable. At the same time, producing new plastics requires energy and fossil raw materials. Plastics recycling, i.e. recovering plastic waste and converting it into reyclates, is a genuine alternative. Each type of plastic has its own very distinctive potential. We help you to take advantage of it.

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We support you when it comes to buying, selling and recovering plastics. Our experienced consultants will be pleased to draw up a non-binding quotation. Use our contact form to write and tell us what we can do for you!

Der Grüne Punkt looks after substance flow management, plastics purchasing, plastic waste

Plastics from close-to-home collections – where we can draw upon long decades of experience in marketing and recovery. Just ask us what you want to know! For the industrial sector, the value added potentials in terms of production and packaging waste, in particular, are quite considerable. Put your trust in the can-do competence of a leading company if you want to sell your commercial plastic waste! Empty PET bottles also possess plenty of inherent possibilities, and can be used for bottle-to-bottle recycling, the fiber industry or flat-film production (blisters, shells, trays). Irrespective of whether you want to sell plastic or purchase plastic waste – With Der Grüne Punkt as your associate, you become part of an international trading network. In global plastics purchasing, we take over plastics worldwide, including transport, documentation und handling, and offer market-responsive prices plus a dependable partnership.

Der Grüne Punkt takes over your plastics and ensures that they are efficiently processed and recovered. This reduces the environmental impact involved, and economizes on natural resources. Market your plastic through Der Grüne Punkt.

Our services for you in terms of buying, selling, trading and recovering plastics

  • Fit-for-purpose recovery by certified recovery companies
  • Documentation in compliance with the relevant statutory regulations (e.g. German Packaging Ordinance)
  • Customized disposal and recovery solutions

Plastics from close-to-home collections

  • Acquisition of DSD fractions everywhere in Germany
  • Substance flow management from A to Z
  • Long-term substance flow security

Buying and selling commercial plastics

  • Purchasing commercial plastics
  • Selling commercial plastics
  • Advice on optimizing quality
  • Reliable collection and fit-for-purpose logistics
  • Fit-for-purpose disposal

Buying and selling PET plastic

  • Purchasing PET merchandise from deposit or mixed collection systems
  • Selling PET merchandise from deposit or mixed collection systems
  • Quality assurance
  • Substance flow management

Buying international plastics

  • Purchasing your plastics worldwide
  • Sorting and certified recovery in accordance with your requirements
  • Documentation and transport
  • Material analyses
  • Advice on optimizing your substance flows

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