Focused on Sustainability

Der Grüne Punkt is committed to the closed-cycle economy, and thus to environmental protection and resource-efficiency. This is underpinned by a sustainable business model, designed to keep re-usable materials in the business cycle for as long as possible, and placing human beings and the natural environment firmly in the center of operational considerations.

The services provided for packaging recycling constitute an initial, successful step. The aim is to completely close further cycles for re-using materials. The crucial factors involved are the design and manufacture of products, since it is here that the foundations are laid for recycling management and the concatenation of the value creation chain. This is because material cycles can be sustainably closed only if the individual players involved work together on solutions and innovations in a continual process.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy and selected impact categories (market, economy, ecology, social commitment), plus specific projects like “Donate Your Deposit” and our “Design4Recycling” consultancy scheme for customers who want to have recyclability already factored in while their packages are being developed!

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