Staff development and social commitment

Der Grüne Punkt stands for sustainable management of resources. This also applies internally: the most important "raw material" for the DSD Group's long-term success is its staff. In its external relations, the DSD Group is prioritizing an intensified dialog with all protagonists in the closed-cycle economy.


Training at Duales System Holding

For the group's successful future, Duales System Holding is upsizing its investments in recruiting and training qualified young staff. Today, the group provides training in a total of seven different careers, including industrial mechanic, office management executive, specialized computer scientist and executive for forwarding and logistical services.

    Communication as an instrument of staff development

    Regular mutual feedback and individualized development are essential for enabling us to respond to our staff's needs, to create mutual trust and to unlock staff's potentials to optimum effect. Since 2015, the CEO's "ideas breakfast" with staff is a key element in simplifying and strengthening internal communication.

    Permanent employees in the group, by companies


    Intensified mutual feedback on the European level

    The DSD Group significantly intensified its involvement on the European level, in order to promote dialog and cooperation with international partners and to contribute its long years of experience and corporate expertise in progressing the European closed-cycle economy. On DSD's initiative, in 2013 the "Group of 6" (G6) dialog platform was set up. In addition to DSD, its members comprise five other European organizations for recovering packaging materials. These countries represent more than 50 percent of the EU's economic power and population.

      National and international alliances

      For intensive mutual feedback with as many stakeholders as possible, DSD is actively involved in numerous alliances and associations. As a major protagonist in the closed-cycle economy, Der Grüne Punkt liaises closely with a multitude of stakeholders. These include customers, vendors, consumers, trade associations, politicians or non-governmental organizations. As guidelines for this purpose, in 2015 DSD developed new compliance instructions, modeled on the internationally recognized principles of the UN Global Compact.

      Corporate Social Responsibility

      Upgrading the group's social commitment

      Social responsibility for the DSD Group is an essential constituent of its corporate strategy. The principal focus here is on projects and initiatives that relate to the group's own visions, and create heightened awareness for environmental protection and resource-economy. For some initiatives, including the German Sustainability Prize or the "Kölle putzmunter" campaign, the DSD Group's involvement dates back several years.

      In addition, DSD has since 2013 been a partner of "Donate your deposit" ("Spende Dein Pfand"). Passengers at Stuttgart Airport, Cologne/Bonn Airport, and Hamburg Airport have an option for putting their beverage bottles in special containers before passing through the security check. The deposit that's donated benefits the following charities: "Trott-war," "Citizens for the Homeless" and "Hinz & Kunzt." DSD handles transportation and collection of the packs involved, and also looks after deposit accounting. The deposits concerned, plus the recovery revenues, are all channeled into the project – DSD also looks after the logistics and the clearing work free of charge.

      Discussions on the status of the natural environment – the NABU Dialog Forums

      Long-standing partnership with the NABU

      The DSD Group has for many years now been cooperating with the nature conservation experts of NABU, so as to jointly promote environmental protection and resource-economy in the political arena and society as a whole. Close and trusting mutual feedback with relevant stakeholders, like NABU, also provides the DSD Group with regular new input for sus-tainably progressing its business model.

      Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2013/2014 – Soziales

      sustainability report 2013/2014

      Social Responsibility Update 2013/2014

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