Creating value

Recycle more! This message is both an environmental and economic imperative in the light of climate change, en- vironmental pollution, population growth, and the resulting scarcity of resources. Plastic recycling in particular offers great opportunities – and unique challenges. 

Creating value

Der Grüne Punkt helps upsize plastic recycling capacity and tap into new sources of raw materials. Growing together goes hand in hand with creating green jobs, as a better economic performance is just as important to our customers and recycling as a whole as it is to our company. Sensible reprocessing can only be taken to the next level if it is economically competitive. To this end, recycling needs to be more eco- nomically efficient than other recovery or even disposal operations. It must also be economically worthwhile for customers to use recycled materials, for instance in the form of environmental benefits that represent a selling point.

Solutions for closed loops

Recyclability can be planned. The Design4Recycling approach shows that this is true: we are developing recyclable packaging with our partners in this forward-looking area of our core business. The goal is always to reuse recyclables and keep them in the economic cycle. The Recyclat-Ini- tiative (“Recycled Material Initiative”), in which Der Grüne Punkt is a significant partner, has demonstrated that this approach works: sales packaging is made entirely out of recyclable material and is also recyclable without losing any of the functionality of traditional packaging. Tailored consultancy services can raise the quality of raw materials and help close material loops. We give our customers an understand- ing of how packaging design, recycling, and recovery are connected at workshops and in improvement processes.

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