Smells like team spirit

"Take it and shape it.” Our slogan also reflects the Der Gru?ne Punkt team’s approach to taking all areas to the next level. We can only ensure long-term success together with our employees. They are our company’s most important commodity and true agents of sustainability with their experience. We operate in a special business and this kind of knowledge does not grow on trees. The group has built unique expertise in over 25 years. Special efforts are thus needed to recruit skilled young talent and provide these people with tailor-made training.

Attracting and developing young talent

The Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognized Der Grüne Punkt as a training enterprise in 2015 and 2016. Young people can learn a trade in seven professions, including industrial mechanic, industrial clerk, office management specialist, and IT specialist. The company had 23 trainees in 2015 and 21 trainees in 2016. Three of them took part in a training program run by the Franco-German Chamber of Industry and Trade in Paris in 2016.

Shaping the future increases motivation

The Executive Board knows that the best ideas brew over a cup of coffee together: between October 2015 and April 2016, Michael Wiener invited all employees to take part in “ideas breakfasts” in small groups to encourage direct dialog and motivation. In animated conversation, participants discussed how processes and structures can be further optimized. Strengthening a sense of unity is important to our employees, too. Better external positioning was often raised, as well. Across the board, ethics and integrity play just as important a role as efficiency and effectiveness.

A few comments reflect how varied the topics of conversation were:

  • "Energy training sessions are well received"
  • "Service should not only be for our ‘big’ customer"
  • "Good staff have helped improve our image"
  • "Improve communication and think outside the box more"
  • "Promote team spirit"
  • "Build trust"
  • "Drive innovation more"

Donate Your Deposit

When ideas mature

One phone call turned his work routine upside down: Martin Lausmann, key account manager for the German beverage industry.

„We couldn’t do our job without teamwork. That’s especially true of the Spende Dein Pfand ('Donate Your Deposit') project that I oversee. The idea behind it is both simple and complex: Bottles are collected at airports and the deposit is used to support social projects. In one year, the project yields about €100.000 in Stuttgart and Hamburg alone. But not all bottles are the same: Some are reusable; others are disposable. And we also collect cans. Deposit specialists take care of the transparent collection containers and sorting. These people used to be unemployed for a long time and/or were homeless. Now they have a chance to return to the labor market. This project is underpinned by effective logistics that we were only able to set up thanks our expertise in deposit clearing for major customers. Everything runs smoothly – from IT to legal contracts. The idea came about when a university student gave me a call in the summer 2013 and told me about a collection container for deposit-bearing packaging at her dining hall. She pointed out that we could do the same thing at the airport. I mulled it over and then worked with airports and social organizations to bring the idea to life. The project is sustainable, environmentally friendly, economically sound, and socially responsible. But what’s most important is the people that make it possible. We have been able to create 24 jobs for people who used to be unemployed. You get to watch them bloom. After all, as part of the airport team, they are viewed as part of society again."

Samples made out of Systalen: Its flawless surfaces and vivid colors show the progress that has been made with plastic recycling. That’s how we close material cycles.


Recycling is the future

We can do so much more – a realization that Der Grüne Punkt has long held. For the circular economy, this means that raw materials are not used efficiently in Europe and around the globe. Our last 2013/2014 Sustainability Report contained a ten-point plan to drive a radical change in philosophy with a view to the mega trends – dwindling resources, growing industrialization, polluted oceans, and advancing climate change. We have achieved many of these points, but others are left unattained.

sustainability report 2015/2016

Employees Update 2015/2016

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